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6. Shapes and Fills

You can place images anywhere on your slides, but sometimes you might want to place you picture INSIDE a shape. For example, we might want to place a picture in a frame.

The video shows how we can draw a shape on top of a background image and then place a picture inside it..

Play this video
Filling Regular Shapes! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?


View the Movie to see how to add Homer's picture inside a frame.


Many of the movies have been made on an Apple Computer. PowerPoint on a PC is a little different.

But filling shapes can be achieved in the same way on PC's.

On a PC your drawing bar is most likely to be at the BOTTTOM of your PowerPoint window. If you can't see it, follow the instructions below.


Setting Up Tool Bars

Follow these instructions to set up any tool bar.

The tick marks indicate active Toolbars and you will be able to see these somewhere on your PowerPoint Window.

  1. Choose the View menu.

  2. Select Toolbars, and;

  3. Slide right and click on Drawing.

The Drawing Toolbars will be most likely lie along the bottom of your window, but you can change its position.


What you have to do!

  1. Use the rectangle tool to draw a 'frame' for the center picture on Homer's slide.
  2. Add a picture of Homer as a 'Fill' picture to your frame. - you can choose any picture from the Homer Pics folder.


Mark Off Exercise 6 in your Progress Grids.



What you should be able to do at the end!


Continue to Exercise 7: Shapes and Fills


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