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12. Putting it all Together.

OK. You’re almost done.

Now is your chance to show what you’ve learned. You and a partner will make one more slide each. Either Snowball the cat or Santa’s Little Helper, the dog.

It is completely up to you what text, pictures, titles to use for these characters.

Use Fireworks to create the logos, and use the World Wide Web to find images and sounds (for sounds look for .wav files, e.g. homer.wav or possibly .mp3, .aiff)



What you have to do!

  1. Decide with a friend who is to do which character:
  2. Create the slide with all details included as in the exercises you have already completed.
  3. Email each other sending your completed slide as an attachment.
    1. You will have to log onto Glow to send your email.
    2. if necessary revisit the Email unit to remind yourself of how to send an email with an attachment.
  4. Insert your partner’s slide into your own presentation (sent via an Email attachment).
  5. Test carefully that everything works.


Mark Off Exercise 12 in your Progress Grids.



What you should be able to do at the end!


Continue to Exercise 13: Making your own


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