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3. Using Emphasis with Animations

Previously, your animations would bring an object into the screen in a certain way. The object is not shown to begin with.

Here, the object will be seen on screen to begin with, but an animation effect will then happen at a later stage to that object.

Play this video
Emphasising Objects with Animation! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?


View the Movie to see how to add animations and sound to events.


Many of the movies have been made on an Apple Computer. PowerPoint on a PC is a little different.




Inserting Images on a PC - a reminder!

You should remember how to do this from the first exercise. Briefly ...
  1. Use the Insert Menu.
  2. Select the Picture From File Option.
  3. Navigate to where the picture is stored.
  4. Select the picture and click Insert.
  5. Move the picture into your preferred position.


About Adding Sound and Changing the Timing on a PC

            1. In most cases, you'll want to change the Start to After Previous. - if you remember this makes sure that the animation will begin after the previous on has finished.
            2. To Add Sound move your mouse pointer over the object in the Animation list and Double Click.
            3. Choose one of the sound effects or scroll to the bottom of the sound effects and select Other Sound...
            4. Navigate to where the sound file is stored. Select it and choose OK.
            5. To change the timing of the animation click on the timing tab.
            6. You can add a delay of 1.5 seconds in the same way shown in the video OR you can;
            7. Customise the speed at which animations occur by clicking in the Speed Option. Delete whatever time is there and typing your preferred speed in. The Timing options show a slow time of time of 9 seconds with 0.5 seconds.





What you have to do!

  1. Insert the HOMER.gif into your first slide.
  2. Position it roughly in the same place shown in the video.
  3. Animate the logo using the Spin emphasis.
  4. Change the Delay of the animation to 1.5 seconds.
    • On a PC double click on the animation effect to get access to timing options.
  5. Change the Start to After Previous and test your slide.
  6. Insert and animate the heads of the other characters in the same way.

    Mark Off Exercise 3 in your Progress Grids.



What you should be able to do at the end!


Continue to Exercise 4: More Animation


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