Introduction to Word-Processing  
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Word-processing programs are used for producing text documents, such as letters, memo's, essays, newsletters, books etc.
One popular Word-processing program used in School is Microsoft Word
What You Should Be Able to Do
  1. Create New files or blank documents, Open, and Save Files.
  2. Enter, Edit and Delete Text in a file.
  3. Format or change the appearance of text.
  4. Use the spell check and change the way text is laid out on the page.
  5. Add pictures or Graphics to your documents to make them more interesting.
  6. Use the techniques of Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste to save time.
  7. Add tables to documents and be able to put graphics into tables.





B. Edit Text B. Editing Text
  Shows how to Insert, Amend & Delete Text.
C. Formatting Text C. Formatting Text
  Shows how to Change the Font, the Font Size, Colour and Style.
D. Spell Check D. Spell Check
  Shows how to use the Spell Check in Word-processing
E. Aligning Text E. Aligning Text
  Shows the different ways of 'justifying' or aligning text on the page
Task F:  Insert Graphics F. Inserting Graphics
  Making your work more attractive and interesting by adding pictures
Task G: Copy and Paste G. Copy and Paste
  How to save time by copying work already done.
Task H: Cut and Paste H. Cut and Paste
  Shows how to change the order of your work.
Task I: Adding Tables I. Creating Tables
  Lining your work up neatly.
Task J: More Tables J. More Tables
  Using tables and pictures together.
Task K: All In One K. All in One
  Using all your skills
Task l: Blood Donor L. The Blood Donor
  Using all your skills
Task M: Computer System M. The Computer System
  Using all your skills