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6. Inserting Navigation into Presentations

Play this video
Inserting Action Buttons! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

In a book you can always turn the page to get the next part.

It may not always be so simple in a multimedia presentation.

It is important that you create controls to move from one slide to the next and back again, as well as perhaps having a way to jump to other parts of the presentation as required.

View the Movie to see how to put in a navigation buttons!




The movies have been made on an Apple Computer. There are some differences with the PC, but these can be solved by using the Menus along the Top of the program window.

To Insert an Action Button on a PC

  1. Follow the Path shown in the screen shot - make sure you go to the right menu.
  2. Select or click on the type of Action Button you want. - a tool tip will explain the type of button.
  3. Draw out your button on the slide.


View the movie to see how to get Buttons the same size.

Play this video
Resizing Buttons! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?


What you have to do!

  1. Open your Animal Presentation. - double click on animal presentation.ppt file
  2. Place on all slides - except the Home Slide.
    1. Forward or Next Button and a;
    2. Back or Previous Button
  3. Tick Off Exercise 6 in your Progress Grids.


What you can now do!

At a push, with a bit of experimentation you can probably do:-


Continue to Exercise 7: Using Images as Links


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