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4. Inserting Movies into Presentations

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Inserting Movie! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

Lights, cameras, action! It's time to put a movie into our presentation. In reality, we will add a simple animation clip to our file, but the same method applies if you have a Hollywood blockbuster stored on your computer and wanted to view it via a presentation.

The key point here is, "how do I control the way my movie file plays"? It's easy to put a movie file in a presentation, but a little harder to make sure you have the control over how it plays.


View the Movie to see how to put in an image!


The movies have been made on an Apple Computer. There are some differences with the PC, but these can be solved by using the Menus along the Top of the program window.

To Insert a Movie on a PC

  1. Click on the Insert Menu.
  2. Choose Movies and Sounds
  3. Slide to the right and choose Movie From File.
  4. Navigate to where your file is located - inside your Animal Kingdom folder.
  5. Select your picture and click Insert.
    • A General Tip
      • If you can't see your file, change the Files of Type drop box from Movie files to All Files.



What you have to do!

  1. Open your Animal Presentation. - double click on animal presentation.ppt file
  2. Insert the Lion gif animation into the second slide..
  3. Tick Off Exercise 4 in your Progress Grids.



What you can now do!


Continue to Exercise 5: Inserting Sounds


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