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7. Using Images as Links

Play this video
Inserting Image Links! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

Previously, you have used the in-built settings in PowerPoint to create buttons that link to other pages.

However, here you will see that a link can be made from one slide to another without the need to create a special button.

In this exercise a link will be made using a simple picture added as shown before..

View the Movie to see how to make an Image link to another slide.!



The movies have been made on an Apple Computer. There are some differences with the PC, but these can be solved by using the Menus along the Top of the program window.

To Insert a Picture on a PC - a quick reminder

                    1. Follow the path shown in the picture.
                    2. Browse to the picture you want to Insert.
                    3. Click Insert and voila, your picture should be in your presentation.











What you have to do!

  1. Open your Animal Presentation. - double click on animal presentation.ppt file
  2. Insert the image home button.gif sound file.
  3. Make it link back to the home slide.
  4. Tick Off Exercise 7 in your Progress Grids.


What you can now do!


Continue to Exercise 8: Slide Transitions


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