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10. Duplicating Slides

Play this video
Duplicating a Slide! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

The Lion slide is complete.

Time to create the other slides. More practice should allow you to be quicker to create these slides.

On top of that, duplicating a slide and making changes from the copy will mean you don't have to start a slide form scratch and should save you a lot of time as your formatting, positioning and button navigation will already be in place..


View the Movie to see how to make additional slides.!


Creating Additional Slides.

Click on the thumbnails below to see how the additional slides should be laid out.



What you have to do!

  1. Open your Animal Presentation. - double click on animal presentation.ppt file
  2. Create the additional slides
    1. For the Tiger and
    2. the Toads and Frogs..
  3. Tick Off Exercise 10 in your Progress Grids.


What you can now do!


Continue to Exercise 11: Downloading Resources


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