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9. Adding Animation

Play this video
Adding Animation! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

Turn to a page in a book and a picture is either there or it is not there.

In a multimedia presentation, we can initially have no picture shown and then bounce it into the screen. Or have it shown and then bounce it out of the screen.

PowerPoint provides hundreds of ways of providing this kind of animation to make your show that little bit more interesting.

It's up to you how well you use these features. Again, remember that sometimes you can get too much of a good thing...

View the Movie to see how to animate pictures.!




The movies have been made on an Apple Computer. There are some differences with the PC, but these can be solved by using the Menus along the Top of the program window.

Adding Animation on a PC

                1. Follow the Path shown in the screen shot - make sure you go to the right menu.
                2. Clicking on Custom Animation will open on the right hand of your screen a list of Animation Effects. - this is similar to the Apple one shown in the video.








Experiment with some of the Options

  1. Choose some different effects to see what they look like.
  2. Look at the Direction settings and see what options are available.
  3. You can even control the speed of the animation.
    • If you double click on the transition a whole range of opportunities open up.
    • The Timing option is the most important as you can really control how long animations take.
  4. You can also control the order of the animations, by dragging them up and down the list. Ones at the top will occur first.
  5. And you can decide when they will happen.
    1. Either when someone clicks on the slide. ie. On Click
    2. Or, After Previous ie. when another event has finished; or
    3. With Previous ie. at the same time as another event.




What you have to do!

  1. Open your Animal Presentation. - double click on animal presentation.ppt file
  2. Add Animation to your slides.
  3. Tick Off Exercise 9 in your Progress Grids.


What you can now do!



Continue to Exercise 10: Duplicating Slides


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