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You have finally reached the end of the unit and are being asked to display your skills in producing a presentation.

Your teacher will tell you where to go, to get a folder of resources for your assessment.

Your job is to produce a PowerPoint Presentation containing slides that look like the ones shown.

This is slide 1.

Do NOT put the letters A, B, C etc. on your presentation. They are just to help you with the instructions.

Note: When viewing the show to see that everything works, press the Escape key (Esc) to go back and make changes to your slides.


What you have to do!

  1. Open space_shuttle.ppt. - this is in your assessment folder.

  2. Create a text box (A) and copy and paste the paragraph from Shuttle Facts.doc (change the font size to 14).

  3. Insert the shuttle picture (B) Shuttle.png

  4. Using Word Art, create the presentation title (C).

  5. Insert space_animation.gif from the folder GIF files (D). Note: The animation must play automatically as soon as the show starts. The animation keeps running so remember to loop it.

  6. Insert from GIF files shuttle_launch.mov (E). Note: The animation must play ONLY when clicked by the user and should NOT repeat.

  7. Insert an action button (F) to hyperlink to the next slide.

  8. Create the small text boxes (J) informing a user what to do. Format all text boxes to font: Comic Sans MS, size: 14, colour: blue, text: bold.

  9. Set an animation effect on the shuttle picture (B) (Shuttle) so that it flies in with a speed setting of slow and is set to animate after previous animation (it will not work if left at On Click).

  10. Finally, set slide transition to cube up. - On a PC choose a transition effect.

  11. Check your slide looks like the one in the picture and then:.


Continue to Slide 2:


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