Introduction to Databases  
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At the end of this unit you should know:-
  1. What Databases are, and;
  2. How databases are organised (files, records and fields), and;
  3. The advantages of computerised databases over manual databases.

You should also be able to do:

Sort 1. Sort databases
Search 2. Search databases
Edit Records 3. Edit databases (add New and delete Old records , change existing records)
  4. Modify existing layouts and Create New layouts.
Databases 5. Create and use a New Database
To Do:
  1. Copy the Database folder from the Subjects folder into your own network folder. (Look in Subjects, Computing, S1 Folder, highlight by single click on the Database folder. Copy it and Paste in your own folder.)
  2. Watch the Movie Introduction to Databases.





Introduction to Databases Introduction to Databases
Simple Sorting Movie 1. Simple Sorting
Complex Sorting Movie 2. Complex Sorting
Simple Searching Movie 3. Simple Searching
Complex Searching 4. Complex Searching
Adding Records Movie 5. Adding Records
Deleting Records Movie 6. Deleting Records
Amending Records Movie 7. Amending Records
Changing Layouts Movie 8. Changing Layouts
New Column Layout Movie 9. New Column Layouts
New Form Layout Movie 10. New Form Layout
Create Detabase Movie 11. New Database
Working with Database Movie 12. Working with New Database.