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What's in a Name?

Your business name is the first image that your business projects. It is what customers will remember (good or bad) about your business that will either draw them to it or send them to a competitors business.  Assuming a business lasts for many years, a lot of time and money will have invested in it. Part of the value of a business is the name. If the name is branded, the brand alone might be worth more than the assets of the business itself. How much are the names: Harley Davidson, Star Wars, or McDonalds worth? If McDonalds decided to change its name to Fred's Burgers, it is obvious that the company would be worth far less than it is now. Why? Because, McDonalds spent a lot of time and money branding their business name on the public's mind. Further, just opening up a McDonalds restaurant guarantees the company a minimum amount of revenue because of its name.

Business Definition


What You Should Look For In a Name
Your class needs to create a name for your mug selling company. Once you have a name, you will also look for a logo (such as the Coca Cola one above) to make your company stand out from the competition (which is all the other classes in first year who will be doing a similar job).

So, what should you look for when choosing your business name?
Ask yourself the following questions about your Mug Design Business name:

Other questions to consider when launching a business, but not relevant for your school based business are:

What you have to do!

1. Business names and business logos go hand in hand. Some of the most iconic businesses can be recognised simply by their logo, which may not even contain the business name. A logo quickly attracts the attention of potential customers. Click here to download the Brand Names exercise. Complete the exercise by filling in the blanks to identify the company partially displayed on the sheet.


2. a. Using the wikipedia page here to research some brands simply to look at the logos and brand names that they use to identify their company and to see how their brand names were chosen.

b. Reply to the Glow Forum post, Favourite Brand, by writing down a logo that you like and saying what it is about it that makes it appeal to you, and presumably to other people.


Consider the company Akamai Technologies, Inc, who provide Internet Services.

The name comes from the Hawaiian word akamai meaning smart or clever; the company defines it as "intelligent, clever and cool".

In a group of 5, choose a name that you would like to represent your class business. Consider what makes your name "intelligent, clever and cool".

4. a. Individually, create a logo (using Fireworks) for the company name that you have chosen above. Use an image size of 600 by 180 pixels. Think of the companies on the brands worksheet for ideas.

b. Send the exported logo as an attachement to an Email to the other members of your team only, by using the Glow mail List for your team on the Noticeboard page of your Glow Group. Sample video - Adding an attachment.

c. The team should then look at all 5 logos and decide which one of the 5 logos they prefer.

5. In your team, create a brief presentation to display to the class showing the logo you chose and outlining all the reasons why your logo and business name are the best to represent the class. Be prepared to answer any questions that the class may have on your design and logo. [View a movie on creating a simple presentation].

6. Having seen all groups make their presentation, in your class Glow Group, vote on the Forums and Polls page on the name and logo that should be used to represent this class.

You can pick your own, but the competition here is about having a better identity than any of the other classes in your year. So choose well.

The name and logo will then be added to the header of your class page in your Class Glow group.


What you should be able to do at the end!


Continue to Stamping the Brand


If you have any comments on any of the above, leave them here .

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