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What makes a business?

In life, we see examples of businesses everywhere. Everyone can name many different businesses, from world brands like Marks and Spencers to local companies such as JD Plumbing Services in Johnstone.

Before you start on your business initiative with your class in creating themed mugs, let's see what you know about what makes a business a business.


What you have to do!

  1. a. Log into Glow and send an email to your teacher (with the subject Business Word Cloud). Your teacher will show you how to quickly access their Glow address from your Glow Group.
Email Address

The email should be your own personal brainstorm of all the words that you can think of (think hundreds!) that may have anything at all to do with running a business. The email does not have to make sense - just list each word on a new line.

Here's a clue - the first word that should spring to mind is ........ business!

b. Your teacher will show you how to create a Word Cloud from all the class responses using a text file called We Mean Business, that the teacher will upload to your Document area in your Glow Group.

The word cloud shows which words stick out most for your class regarding what makes a business function, who is involved with the business, what the business offers, and what counts as success for the business (among others).

Half the class will create a Word Cloud, trying to create the class poster. This group must use a white background so it will print out well.

The other half will create a Word Cloud, trying to create the class Jhigh Website image. This group can use any image and design.

c. Save a 125 KP JPEG version called Word Cloud (with your initials added to the end), and upload this to the Word Clouds section on the Pictures page of your Glow Group.

d. Save a 1 MP JPEG version called Word Cloud (with your initials added to the end) in your own network folder. (If your design is chosen by the teacher this will be the version printed and put on the wall.


What you should be able to do at the end!


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