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S1 Courses

During this year, you will get a good foundation in many of the basic ICT skills and an introduction to some common application packages. These skills will be further developed in S2 when you will get a greater opportunity to be more creative.

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Word Processing:

Introduces the most basic and essential ICT skill of word processing. Here you will get the opportunity of creating, saving and editing files. You will also learn how to use tables and discover ways of including graphics in your word processed documents.

Computer Systems:

Introduces the essential parts that make up all computer systems. Here you will become familiar with a range of input and output devices. You will also learn of the difference between storage devices and memory and know how to judge the performance of computers.


Used for dealing with number information, this unit covers the important parts of a spreadsheet. You will learn how to enter formula and use some of the in built functions. You will also master skills that will help you complete your work faster and learn the important techniques of charting. These will help you to present number information in interesting and more understandable ways.


Another important topic, you will get a good understanding of how to structure and organise information. You will become familiar with database files, records and fields and you will master the skills of searching through and sorting information. You will also learn how to present information in different reports or layouts.


In this you unit, you will get your school email address. This email address will be yours for the rest of your time at school. As well as knowing how to send emails and developing your own contact list, you will learn how to transfer files as attachments. This is an extremely useful technique for transferring work from one computer to another, both to and from school.

Multimedia 1:

Here, you will be getting to grips with PowerPoint, learning how to combine different types of media - text, pictures, movies and sounds - into exciting presentations. You will also learn how to add action buttons to control your presentation and change the transition effect as you move through your show.

Social Networking

The future is all about being connected. The work in this unit will build on your email skills, introduce you to making avatars that you can use in a variety of forums. It will also show you how to work safely on the internet, use forums and make the best use of video confrencing.


S2 Courses

The courses in this year build on the skills and experience gained in S1. The emphasis of these courses is one of creativity, where using your skills you begin to develop your own images, websites and programs.


This topic introduces you to some advanced graphic techniques that you can use to make exciting images. You can then use these in your own websites or presentations.

Website Creation :

Using some of the images and skills acquired in the graphics course, you will learn how to create your website. You will also learn how to make navigation buttons to help visitors to your site move from paged to page.

Scratch Programming:

This course introduces the idea of programming. You will be introduced to a programming language and it won't be long before you are developing your own games. You will also be able to place these games on the web for other people to try.

Multimedia 2:

In this unit you will take your skills and understanding of PowerPoint to a new level. In this second unit involving PowerPoint, you will learn how to animate objects on the screen and how to include your own sounds in your presentations.

Robolab Programming:

This is another course involving learning how to develop programs. However, instead of games, you will learn to use your programs to control a robotic cart getting it to simple tasks and move through an obstacle course.


Blogging is an extrmely popular and effective way of sharing your ideas and opinions with others on the web. As well as learning how to use 'Blogging' programs, you will be developing some projects that you will place on the web.


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