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Each of the 3 units studied in the Higher course has an associated NAB (National Assessment Bank) assessment. Each NAB is composed of a multiple choice theory test comprising 20 questions. A mark of 12 or more is required to pass this aspect of the NAB. If a student fails to pass the NAB at the first attempt, then they will be given a second chance within a matter of weeks to achieve a pass.

As well as the theory NAB, practical NABs are built into the day to day running of the course. It may be possible that a student passes a practical NAB without even realising that they were sitting it!

NABs should not be confused with the coursework. To obtain an overall course award, a student must pass the NAB for each of the course units. A pupil does not necessary have to pass the coursework, but the actual mark achieved here will be used directly in calculating a student's overall course award grade.

Thoughts for the Exam from those that Matter.....

You were asked just a matter of weeks before the exam what you felt were the 5 topics across all subject units that you were strongest at in preparation for exam day.

The Wordle below tries to say it all. What do you think?

2010 Version

Exam Wordle

2011 Version

Exam Words 2011

And those Exams .....

2011 SQA 2011 SQA Soln : Section 1 and 2
2010 SQA  
2009 SQA  
2008 SQA 2008 SQA Solution
2007 SQA 2007 SQA Solution
2006 SQA 2006 SQA Solution
Prelims 2006 - 2011 2011 Prelim Solution
  2010 Prelim Solution
  2009 Prelim Solution
  2008 Prelim Solution
  2006 Prelim Solution
Specimen Specimen Solution

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