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Relational Database Systems

In this site you will find very brief notes regarding the key concepts that you need to show prowess in using relational databases.

The main focus is on the movie tutorials that are built into the site, based upon the puppies database exercise. The videos should help to enlighten the challenging concepts that are to be found in the topic of relational databases.

The navigation menu to the left shows an index for movies and one for theory. The movie index is intended to provide a quick link to any of the movies in the site. The theory index provides definitions for the main concepts that you are likely to encounter in the final exam.

Need help?

A Glow forum is available for all your Relational Database Systems related queries. Ask a question or provide an answer, it works both ways. Click here to access the forum.

In a Nutshell

Experience shows that students are experiencing success in the practical aspects of the course, especially in recent coursework tasks. However, what could be considered routine knowledge and understanding questions are proving more problematic than perhaps they should. Consequently, here are a series of Flash Cards on the key points in Relational Databses that you are likely to experience in the final exam. Remember that the flash cards along will not guarantee success. Use your notes, notebook, the forums and help from the teacher and fellow students to truly nail this content.

The list is not exhaustive. Reply to the Forum topic, "RD - The Missing Flash Cards" (click on the link) and suggest a knowledge and understanding style question which has been omitted from the list - with the ideal answer also provided.

Flashcards Here


Post any general comments on Relational Databases, or the web site as a whole here.

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