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The final exam for the Higher Information Systems course comprises a written paper split into 3 parts, worth a total of 140 marks. On top of this, there is a coursework task which is undertaken in class, under exam conditions, which comprises a further 60 marks. The coursework mark is combined with the final exam mark to produce a total mark out of 200, that, when halved, gives a student's overall percentage mark, from which a grade of A, B, C etc. can be produced.

The coursework assesses the 2 core units, Relational Database Systems and Using Information.

Within the Relational Database Systems part, students will be provided with a fully normalised system where they will be asked to complete aspects of a data dictionary, and apply validation checks and all other components of the data dictionary in a computerised version of the normalised database system. The main tasks in this part of the coursework will then involve creating forms, macros and reports in the given database.

The second part of the coursework will focus mainly on a practical aspect of one of the components that make up the Using Information unit. Previous units have assessed pupil's abilities in creating multimedia presentations, spreadsheets with advanced functions use and the creation of web sites.

The coursework is undertaken in class over at least 8 hours, and is assessed under exam conditions, but is an open-book assessment such that students are permitted to use any resources they have previously worked with to perform to the best of their ability in this key aspect of the Higher Information Systems course.


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