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Standard Grade Foundation Past Papers

Only a few papers are available. New Past Papers will be added as they become on-line. Click on title or icon to download paper.

Past Prelim and Actual SQA Exam papers are available for download. They have been prepared in two different formats. Make a choice by clicking on the appropriate icon in the left column and then download your chosen paper.



Past Paper Format


1. As a PDF FORM. (recommended). You can complete the Past Paper on the computer. This can be saved and edited.


SQA Exam Papers Prelim Papers (used in School)

Foundation/General Summary Notes SQA F 2010 Form

Foundation/General Summary Notes SQA F 2009 Form

Foundation/General Summary Notes SQA F 2008 Form



Foundation/General Summary Notes Prelim 2008 F Form

Foundation/General Summary Notes SQA F 2007 Form


2. As PDF document. These can be printed out, and are meant for completion by hand.
Foundation/General Summary Notes SQA Foundation 2007





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