What It Involves

Become familiar with the world of Business. Learn how to organise and run a business; find out how to manage resources and develop your decision making skills. You will develop your interpersonal skills so that you can work effectively in a team and make masterful presentations. You will also find out how to make effective use of ICT.

How its Done

We try to be innovative and creative in the way the course is delivered, so you can expect:-

  • A number of educational visits to different work places.
  • Guest speakers from leading businesses in the local business community.
  • Use of the internet, multimedia and ICT to research local businesses.
  • Use of case studies to develop problem solving and see if you can make better decisions.


National 4 Business and onwards in school to National 5 Business Management. After school you can pursue the subject further at College and Unversity level; taking it at Degree and Master's levels.

Qualifications are much sought after by Employers who require people who have a sound understanding of what's involved in business and who know how to work in team with others.

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