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At one time, the term hacker was used to describe someone who was held in respect by other programmers and software developers because of their original and ingenious approaches to solving computer problems. However, today the popular meaning of the term hacker is a person who breaks into systems, deletes and steals data and carries out many other illegal and destructive acts against networks and computers.

A hacker makes use of specialised software tools to break into computer systems that they have no authorisation for. Some of the tools used are:

Some hackers have become famous in the computer security world and in some cases have been offered jobs to help improve Internet security. There is even a company which offers courses and certificates in Ethical Hacking (sometimes known as White Hat Hacking) for people who want to work in this area. Hackers who work for their own personal gain are known as black hat hackers. The good guys and the bad guys.


To Do:

  1. Find out in your group about some of the most famous (or infamous) hackers. Create a presentation listing the exploits of 3 white hat hackers and 3 black hat hackers. There is a big case concerning a British hacker ongoing right now, as you will know. Will this person make your list? Mention what they did, what happened to them and what they are doing now. (You should notice in your research that most of the famous hackers appear to be male - why no ladies)?
  2. Round off the presentation with a comparison of white hat and black hat hackers - your opinion. Some compare hackers with high tech, super spies, such as potrayed by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Others potray them as Billy-No-Mates with nothing better to do. Where does your team stand on the matter?
  3. Now, as a group, present your slideshow to the class.
  4. Click here to see if you can fend off the hackers.

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