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Cyberbullying is a growing Internet safety issue, which has risen due to the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo etc. Cyberbullying is similar to physical bullying with the difference being that Internet services are used to carry out the attacks. Services such as e-mail, chat rooms, discussion forums and instant messaging can all be used in this type of bullying.

Cyberbullying can only take place if both parties involved are minors. If there is an adult involved the problem is referred to as Cyber Harassment.
The rise in popularity of mobile phones has opened another door for bullies to use the short messaging service (SMS) to issue threats and other unwelcome messages.

In some instances, hate websites against individuals have been created. These personal hate sites are smaller versions of web sites that purposefully promote bigotry, racism and many other intolerant viewpoints.

Cyberbullying is a criminal offence and is punishable by law.

Have you been a victim of cyberbullying? Perhaps you have without realising it. Perhaps it is something that could be about to happen to you. Perhaps there is something that you could do about it.


To Do:

  1. Click here to assess your risk of cyberbullying.
  2. Discuss in your group, and then with your class, your findings from above. Are you surprised or worried by the results? Do the results suggest anything that you should be changing about the way you conduct yourself online or about the information you make available?
  3. View the movie below showing an incident of cyberbullying.
  4. In your group, consider the following questions:
    1. What could Joe have done differently to stop receiving instant messages?
    2. What did Joe do to stop receiving unwanted messages on his instant messenger?
    3. Who helped or could have helped Joe?
    4. What sort of information do people need to think very carefully about before putting it online, sending it to others, or letting others know?
    5. Does this only happen to boys?
    6. What have you learnt from this film?
  5. Create a group presentation listing your rules and tips to avoid Cyberbulling, and present it to the class.
Click to start the movie

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Incidence of Cyberbullying


Forms of Cyberbullying

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